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Truefin Full Kit

A Revolutionary New Fin for Scuba, Snorkeling, and Spearfishing. Easy kicking of a highly flexible fin, the high thrust of the stiffest technical fin.

TRUEFIN's Model 110 is an open-heel fin, which is popular for divers who want to wear booties in cold water, or while walking on rocky shores or hot boat decks.  Extremely durable, fast, and comfortable to kick are hallmarks of Truefin's innovative design.  Truefin Full Kit is shipped with standard Blue 412 spines, which is best for all kicking styles.  Green 012 and Yellow 415 spines are included for additional professional customization.  Kit also includes (1) set of Trident Ratchet Straps Part #RP48.

*During the introductory phase of Truefin, only a size LARGE is available

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Powerful Technology

Comfort and easy kicking of a flexible fin, while simultaneously having the high thrust of a technical fin

Multi-Use Compatability

Efficient and ideal for Scuba, Snorkeling activities, and Spearfishing

Customizable Experience

Spines are removable and replaceable depending on your diving needs and goals

High Quality Material

Made in the USA with Monprene, Polypropylene, and glass filled Nylon, eliminating corrosion issues


Highly maneuverable with overall length of 23.4"

Optimum angle of attack at all kicking speeds

Angle of attack is enforced for high kicking speeds by high tensile strength modular glass filled nylon articulating spines

Highly flexible Monprene blade for efficiency and ease of kicking during low speed

Blade flex profile is equally distributed along the entire length of the blade - no sharp bends.

High side rails channel water during kick strokes and enable improved reverse kicking while backing up

Made in the USA

Manufactured and assembled in the USA with premium materials and tested over 1,000,000 kick cycles.


3D blade scooping due to lateral articulation of artificial spines

Streamline top planar surface of fin above the foot pocket facilitates laminar flow during power flutter kick and dolphin kick

Blade flex is not affected by water temperature; traditional fins become stiffer in cold water

Less blade wobble and fin twist during the kick stroke due to rigid enforcement of the predetermined blade flex angle at both right and left artificial spines


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Yes, Truefin has a limited lifetime warranty on each fin (excluding heel straps). In addition, the spines have a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Truefin has never broken a production injection molded glass filled nylon spine, and would like to obtain any spine that breaks for critical examination. If a user ever breaks a spine simply contact Truefin for a free replacement. Note that when a spine is stressed or pried against an immovable object such as between large rocks for example, the vertebrae draft angle may cause the effected vertebra (typically link 50000 or 60000) to laterally slide out of position. If this event occurs the spine may be reassembled and no damage occurs. Please refer to thewww.TruefinTechnical.comfor spine load testing information.

Total weight for one pair including spines and excluding heel strap - 6.2 pounds. Flat dimensions (size Large) - 23.4in long x 10.4in wide. Spines may be removed from the fin and packaged separately, while the pair of fins may be folded lengthwise. When the fins are folded, the pair of fins together occupies a volume of 6” x 10” x 18”.

Yes. Although Blue spines are great for all kicking styles, Truefin may be optimized for frog kicking without effecting flutter kicks after installing Green spines. A combination of a Blue spine used at the big toe and a Green spine used at the little toe improves canted frog kick performance (which creates a right and left fin). If a user wants the easiest kicking possible then Yellow spines are preferred, however the user will need to kick at a higher frequency for a given speed if Yellow spines are utilized.  The user may also mix and match Blue, Green, or Yellow spines.